How we work:
Our values and culture

The company's success is based on the people who work with us.
Michael Speer

Our values in collaboration

  • We treat each other with fairness and respect.
  • ​We are a model of professionalism, both internally and externally.
  • Openness is at the heart of our collaboration.
  • We are loyal to colleagues, the team and the company.
  • We give respectful and appropriate credit.
  • Failure is an opportunity to improve.

Our corporate culture


We work in self-organised, interdisciplinary project teams and in close collaboration with our clients. Joint brainstorming, lively exchange and discussion are important components of our project success. Our working atmosphere is open, respectful and characterised by a high level of trust.


We have moved away from a top-down, hierarchical approach. Flat hierarchies and greater individual responsibility enable us to react more quickly. We also work in an interdisciplinary and networked way, rather than in departments. We give feedback openly and honestly, and respect and focus on our values are very important to us.


Using Microsoft 365, OneCloud and SharePoint, all project teams can access their data and information at any time and share information quickly and easily - wherever they are. Access to critical work content is independent of time, location and device.


We work in mixed and independent teams. Each team member shapes this collaboration and thus makes a significant contribution to the company's success.

Lifelong learning

Everyone in our team has their own budget for professional and personal development. Through the Academy, everyone can focus on their personal education, training or development and book appropriate events, online courses or seminars.

Work-life harmony

People need space. That is why we create a working environment that suits our team and the times we live in. We work on the basis of flexible, trust-based working hours so that we can combine work and private life in an uncomplicated and family-friendly way.

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