DevOps at

More efficiency through automation

Why do we rely on DevOps?

DevOps describes the dovetailing of software development and software operations to increase effectiveness and efficiency. By creating this new entity and automating processes intelligently, you can reap many benefits.

DevOps benefits

Shorter time-to-market due to faster releases

More safety and reliability through process automation

More stable operating environment through continuous monitoring

Improved scalability and faster response speed

More capacity for innovation

How we use DevOps in our work

Continuous monitoring

By continuously monitoring logs, metrics and KPIs, we optimise the performance of our solutions and the infrastructures in which they are deployed. This allows us to monitor the impact of updates or new releases in near real time, and to address potential errors or problems.s.

Version control

Version control systems such as Git enable our software developers to continuously, automatically and locally store and document the current status of a software solution and individual features for other developers. This way of working not only increases security, as versions can be restored at any time and incorrect developments are prevented. It also helps our developers to collaborate more efficiently and flexibly.

Continuous integration

Continuous integration describes the continuous, automated testing and importing of newly developed code components into the entire source code of a solution. The big advantage is that bugs or problems are identified early and our developers can fix them. At the same time, it enables a continuous workflow, as all teams involved always have an up-to-date picture of the software solution.

Continuous delivery

Continuous delivery combines development, quality assurance and delivery processes into a single unit. The aim is for customers to be able to play the latest version of their software solution virtually at the touch of a button, regardless of what stage of development the product is at. To ensure operability and consistent quality, automated testing systems have been implemented that immediately alert our developers to the causes of any problems or errors.

DevOps and Clean Code Development

DevOps helps our developers to implement the principles and practices of clean code development. The same is true vice versa: Anyone who works consistently according to clean code development lives the DevOps culture. The result is mutually reinforcing synergies.

Documentation and control

Clean documentation, issue tracking and version control are the cornerstones of clean code development and are taught in the first stages. At the same time, they form the basis of a functioning DevOps culture and enable complex monitoring concepts and CI/CD services.

Automated testing

In particular, the continuous testability of individual features and code components required for Clean Code Development is supported by the DevOps working method. Whether it is integration testing or unit testing, the pursuit of automated testing not only saves an enormous amount of time, it also prevents errors and faulty development, giving our developers more peace of mind.

Continuous improvement

The quest for continuous improvement is as important to Clean Code Development as it is to a DevOps culture. Again, DevOps working methods provide the perfect framework for trying new things, experimenting with innovative processes, and reflecting on the work done - the basis for continually optimising the status quo.

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