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Sustainable software development for long-lasting products
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“How Clean Code contributes to corporate success through software quality”

Why Clean Code?

Manuel Stuhlinger

For me as a customer, Clean Code simply gives me the security of being independent. I don't want to be left with a piece of code in 10 years that no one understands anymore and has to start all over again.
Moritz Pastow

All developers at are constantly dealing with topics such as code reviews and unit tests. Not because they like doing it or because I tell them to, but because they think it through. Because what we don't do right now will fall on our feet later.
Nora Legittimo
During the beta phase as well as during the launch, we never had to deal with the topic of 'That doesn't work. The classic bananaware problem — the software matures during use and with customers — did not apply. Focusing on code quality has helped us enormously.

Why Clean Code?

When developing our software solutions, we not only pay attention to the external quality, which is reflected in functionality, usability and efficiency. Internal quality is just as important to us. This is reflected in the sustainability and cost-effectiveness of the solution.

Through clean code development, we develop digital products that can be flexibly adapted and extended over the entire product lifetime.

The benefits of Clean Code Development

Benefits for our


  • Long-term flexibility through clean and testable code
  • Investment security through sustainable software that can be extended over the long term
  • Shorter time-to-market through structured development process
  • High internal software quality through semantic traceability and automated test coverage
Benefits for our


  • Simplified maintenance and troubleshooting thanks to a high level of internal logic
  • Lower error rate due to automated test coverage
  • Fewer dependencies due to modular structure of the source code
  • Equal understanding of software development through a common value system
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Oops! Something went wrong while submitting the form. is the only custom software manufacturer I know that consistently uses Clean Code. I find that impressively far-sighted.
Ralf Westphal
Co-founder of the Clean Code Development Initiative

Lower development costs in the long term thanks to Clean Code Development

With every change to the source code, the logic behind it becomes more complex. As a result, the costs for adjustments and new features also grow over time. If the source code is not designed for changes from the outset, technical debts may arise. As a result, development costs are growing exponentially.

This rapid increase in costs is being counteracted by clean code development. Since the code from line 1 is designed for changeability, the initial costs are somewhat higher, but do not increase exponentially but linearly. And thus remain predictable and controllable.

There is no way around automated testing. Every line of code must be covered with tests. This is tedious and not everyone likes it, but it forms the basis for clean code development — and therefore for long-lasting software solutions. I have rarely seen a similar high level of test coverage, as requires in its projects, at a company. That's how Clean Code Development works.
Stefan Lieser
Co-founder of the Clean Code Development Initiative,
Managing Director of CCD Academy Ltd

How Clean Code is structured

Readable and comprehensible

A software developer needs around 90% of their time to understand source code and only 10% to write. The more clear code is structured from the start, the faster it can be interpreted, understood and finally adapted or extended. Source code that has been developed according to Clean Code Development is extremely clear and therefore easy to understand.

Automated testable

Source code developed after Clean Code Development must be testable in terms of both efficiency and functionality - and that via fully automated tests. Such a procedure requires a high level of internal logic in the source code, which in turn must be testable. Only if it is ensured that both the logic of the code and the code itself can be tested can the code be scaled and regression security guaranteed.


Evolving comes from evolutionary biology and describes the ability of a living organism to adapt flexibly to environmental changes. Source code developed according to Clean Code Development is modular from the outset and follows a logic based on change.

What is Clean Code Development?

Clean Code Development is a standard-setting value system for software developers. It is based on the book Clean Code by Robert C. Martin. The premise of the book is to understand source code as a structured expression of functionality. Building on this, developers Stefan Lieser and Ralf Westphal brought together a collection of principles and practices in 2009 and defined specific learning modules, which divided them into various grades.

trained clean code developers
successful clean code projects
Clean code checks carried out
Years of clean code development as a corporate principle
Regular training and a focus on Clean Code support me in my personal development. I can develop myself and contribute ideas.
With flow design, clean code and functional approaches, we break new ground and make everyday work exciting.

Clean Code Development as a corporate principle

Since 2010, we have not only been working according to the principles and practices of Clean Code Development, we have also firmly anchored the value system in our corporate principles. To this end, we train all software developers who start with us to become Clean Code Developers. True to Clean Code Development, we also attach great importance to further training measures, which is why we set up the generic Academy. Every employee has access to an annual budget that is reserved for professional and personal continuing education.

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