Individual software development

Tailored software products for sustainable success

Why custom software development?

    You have highly complex software solution requirements

    The more specialised the business processes, the more complex the requirements for the supporting software product. And the more complex the requirements, the less effective off-the-shelf solutions are. After all, the software should adapt to your processes, not the software processes.

    Custom software is designed specifically for your business processes, employees or end customers to ensure a perfect fit.

    You need to replace an existing solution

    Your current solution is no longer able to evolve in the way you want, or is simply out of date. However, your processes and procedures are so specialised or interconnected with other systems that a one-size-fits-all solution is out of the question.

    You want to gain a competitive edge with custom software

    As a unique selling point (USP), bespoke software has the potential to become a key corporate asset. It can give you a competitive edge and, in the best cases, make you an innovative leader within your industry.

    You want to open up a new business area

    Custom software can be at the heart of entirely new businesses. Digital transformation, in particular, offers huge opportunities and enables almost any company to add digital services and products to its portfolio.

    No vendor lock-in

    When you develop your custom software product with us, you have full ownership and use of the product. This means there are no licence fees, no fixed release and update cycles, and no unpredictable end-of-life for your solution.

      TCO calculator

      Total cost analysis for software projects

      Download our TCO calculator now for free and put your software project through its paces.

      TCO analysis for software projects

      Download our TCO calculator now for free and put your software project through its paces.

      Your benefits of custom software development with

      Full ownership of the source code

      Once approved, you will receive the source code for your customised software and can continue to develop it independently.

      Protect your investment with software that can evolve over time

      Our software solutions can be flexibly developed and adapted over a very long period of time. This saves you from skyrocketing follow-up costs and protects you from possible end-of-life.

      Software development and UX design under one roof

      Our software developers work side by side with our UX designers. This means that the usability of your individual software solution is always áte the forefront.

      High-quality source code through clean code development

      We consistently follow clean code development principles to produce semantically understandable source code with a very high level of test coverage.

      Holistic Software Development

      Thanks to our holistic approach, we are able to develop not only a software product that can be used at an early stage, but also exactly the right product for your business.

      Wide range of industry and domain expertise

      Whether you're in the engineering, manufacturing or construction industry, we know your business and can add value to your software product.

      Agile Software Development

      Agile collaboration enables early, consistent and high-quality feedback from customers and users. This significantly improves the quality of requirements.

      More than 25 years of experience in Individual Software Development

      We know what works — and what doesn't. Rely on our expertise and avoid costly mistakes.

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      Individual software developement: How we proceed


      Initial Consultation

      During our initial consultation, we would of course like to know what you are up to. We will also show you how we approach the topic of individual software development and how we can support you in detail.


      Project Scoping

      Project scoping is about outlining and defining the project and the challenges. Depending on the task, scoping consists of one or more joint workshops. The result is a concrete plan of the next project phases in terms of project management, system concept, user journey and sizing.


      Initial Discovery Phase

      The aim of the initial discovery phase is to develop a blueprint for your individual software. In an interdisciplinary team, we jointly design a validated solution concept with regard to UX design, requirement definition and system architecture. The concrete results of this phase: a developed interaction concept, a backlog for the MVP, a project roadmap and a reliable dimensioning of expenses.


      Development Phase

      In the development phase, the developed concept is finally implemented. We work according to the MVP approach and develop a first version of your software product with the elementary features. Development is carried out iteratively in dual track: Our developers implement a task from the backlog, we test it together with the users and check whether adjustments or further requirements are necessary.


      Testing & MVP Release

      Once the entire backlog has been completed, the MVP is extensively tested. If your custom development works as required, it is implemented and released into your system landscape. In the sense of a beta test, this can initially only be done for a specific target group or under real conditions. After release, you will receive the source code for your individual software development.


      IT Operations & Development

      Optionally, after release, we also take care of the operation of your software product in terms of network administration, device management, support, etc. And the implementation of further features is also no problem thanks to the code quality guaranteed by Clean Code Development and our DevOps approach.

      Individual software development:
      sustainable, user-centered, agile

      Sustainable software development through Clean Code Development

      Individual software development is always an investment. In order to protect this investment, it is our aim to develop software products that can be flexibly adapted and extended over the long term. Because sustainability is not a matter of course even in software development. In the following video, CTO Sebastian Betzin explains how we develop sustainable software and what that means exactly:

      User-centered software development

      We specialize in highly complex business software — and not just in terms of coding. Our UX team also primarily focuses on complex enterprise solutions. Enterprise UX uses customer UX insights and methods, but addresses the business usability of a software solution in a more targeted manner.

      The focus is on user research. Through interviews and on-site visits, our UX designers learn to understand users, their work environment and their processes and can thus design perfectly coordinated interaction concepts. Concepts that are continuously tested and validated in the form of designed interfaces using usability tests.

      Agile software development

      Individual software development is extremely dynamic. In order to be able to react efficiently and effectively to new requirements, we work exclusively with agile methods such as Scrum or kanban. That means we develop your product in iterative sprints and involve your employees in the project team so that we can take on all perspectives.

      We are convinced that all necessary requirements can only be defined and converted into code in such agile and interdisciplinary project teams.

      Individual software development in mechanical and plant engineering

      Mechanical and plant engineering is subject to an extremely high degree of specialisation. At the same time, the industry is caught between long product life cycles and high technical dynamics. Customised software is often the only alternative between machine generations in parallel operation and special requirements.

      We support you in the following disciplines, among others:

      • Development of IoT/IIoT platforms
      • Development of predictive maintenance and smart monitoring solutions
      • Development of machine software and human machine interfaces (HMI)
      • Development of individual management software for customer service
      • Development of individual MDE/BDE software
      • Smart Factory upgrade support
      Case study

      Individual software in mechanical and plant engineering

      Development of an IIoT platform with smart monitoring technology and web-based customer­portal

      Individual software development in the construction industry and construction industry

      More than almost any other sector, the construction industry has to deal with complex calculation models, countless country-specific regulations and enormous safety standards. The use of new technologies, such as centrally managed cloud applications, smart building platforms or virtual design, can offer amazing added value.

      We support you in the following disciplines, among others:

      • Development of building platforms with IoT technologies
      • Development of individual structural software and calculation software
      • Development of individual solutions for construction equipment management
      • Development of mixed reality solutions for virtual construction planning
      • Smart Factory upgrade support
      Case study

      Custom software for the construction industry

      Development of planning and design software for components as a web-based cloud application

      Our technology stack for custom software development

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      Frontend Technologies

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      The most common questions regarding individual software development

      What are the benefits of individual software development?

      • No operational process adjustments necessary, as the software adapts to your company and not vice versa
      • High usability, as the software is specifically tailored to your users
      • No license costs and low operating costs
      • Fewer or no dependencies on the manufacturer
      • The client plans updates and releases
      • Quick adjustments and changes possible
      • Individual development can become a supporting corporate value
      • The client owns the property rights

      What is the difference between individual software and standard software?

      Standard software is software solutions that cover the requirements and needs of a wide range of people.

      This isn't necessarily a bad thing, because depending on the application, off-the-shelf solutions may be the more economically viable alternative. However, a) the level of specialisation and customisation needs to be considered, b) the long-term licence cost model needs to be taken into account and c) the competitive environment needs to be monitored. The more deeply a software solution is embedded in a company's own business processes, or the more it supports competitive advantages, the less standard solutions are recommended.

      A detailed comparison can be found here: Individual software vs. standard software

      Is custom software always more expensive than standard software?

      It is a common misconception that custom software is more expensive than standard software. Of course, there is some truth to this - after all, custom software has to be developed, whereas standard software is usually ready to use.

      However, the calculation must also take into account the length of time the solution is in use and the number of users. The longer standard solutions are in use and the more users use them, the higher the licence costs. At some point, these costs will exceed the initial development costs of the individual software - the total cost of the standard product will therefore be higher.

      Chart: Total costs in relation to number of users and duration of use. The longer software is in use and the more users use it, the higher the total costs, while individual software remains at a cost level after development

      What costs should I expect for individual software development?

      As custom software is always "unique", we cannot give a general answer to this question. Depending on your requirements and purpose, the cost can vary enormously.

      Our Project Scoping offering can help you with cost estimation and planning. Consisting of one or more compact workshops, scoping helps you define your solution by identifying key requirements and primary target audiences. The result is an initial product vision and a rough dimensioning of your overall project with a view to the next phases.

      What preparatory work do I need to do in terms of requirements, planning, design, etc.?

      More than 25 years of experience in custom software development has shown us that working to predefined specifications is much more inefficient than an agile approach. In addition, many requirements can only be defined and specialised during development.

      However, the initial discovery phase is where we do the first and most important conceptual work in terms of UX design, backlog creation and system architecture. This work can of course be shortened and enriched the better prepared you and your team are. It is important to have a common understanding and a clear vision of the solution that all team members can get behind.

      How long does individual software development take at

      As these are individual requirements, we cannot give a general answer to this question. Our project scoping offer can help you with time estimation and project planning. Scoping consists of one or more compact workshops and helps you to size your project. The result is a schedule with key milestones and a customised project controlling concept.

      What is the importance of clean code in the context of custom software development?

      High quality source code is known as clean code. Quality features include syntactic readability, semantic traceability, high test coverage, reusability and evolvability. The aim is to write source code in such a way that the software product can be flexibly adapted and developed over the long term. As a result, further development costs can be minimised and end-of-life counteracted.

      What is clean code development anyway?

      Clean Code Development is a standard-setting value system for our software developers. Through values and virtues, it conveys a working philosophy that is perfectly suited to modern software development. Through principles and practices, the system also provides practical recommendations and tools to help optimise individual software development and make it more sustainable.

      Is clean code development more expensive than traditional software development?

      Yes and no Initially, more effort needs to be put into the source code to ensure sustainable clean code. An investment that pays off, especially for complex software products and a longer product life.

      Chart: Development costs in relation to the number of features developed. The more features are needed, the more worthwhile it is to develop according to Clean Code Development

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