The Clean Code Company

For 25 years we have been specialising in the development of custom software using Microsoft .NET technologies. Since 2010, we have been one of the first companies in Germany to use Clean Code Development throughout the company. Because we firmly believe that only sustainable software products create real and long-term added value. We are the Clean Code Company.

Clean Code Company

founded in Karlsruhe
years of individual software development
own developers, UX designers and trained clean code developers
Years of clean code development as a corporate principle
successful clean code projects
Years of Microsoft Gold Partner
Years of Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

Clean Code Engineered in Germany

Our software solutions are 100 % engineered in Germany. This means that the entire conceptual work of our solutions takes place in Germany with our in-house developers and designers. Through our focus on Clean Code Development, we ensure a consistently high level of quality — from the initial idea to the finished product.

Business values

What sets us apart

Well-trained and committed employees are our capital.
Fairness is a matter of course for us in our in our everyday interaction.
We act and think economically to remain sustainable.
The quality of our development services is the best possible.
We are a reliable partner for our customers.

Our culture

Excellent results for our customers require a good working atmosphere. That is why we are committed to a respectful and appreciative working environment, a culture of learning from mistakes, and openness and fairness. We live these values in our daily work. We are proud of it!

Corporate Development

The way to a Clean Code Company

We've come further than I've ever dared to dream of.
Sebastian Betzin

The beginnings

As one of 8 subsidiaries, was co-founded in 1999 under the umbrella of GHP. Under the leadership of Michael Puder, the company is responsible for software development and system management.

2003 grows and thrives continues to grow, and the GHP office community soon becomes too small for the company. The team moves and Michael Puder appoints Michael Speer and Sebastian Betzin as authorised signatories.


Finally independent

Sebastian Betzin and Michael Speer buy the remaining shares. For the first time, is a fully independent company.


Hard times

As a result of the economic crisis, is losing many orders. As the company does not have a sales department for historical reasons, acquiring new customers and projects becomes a challenge.


The Clean Code Company is reorganised. A sales department is set up and the system management division is closed. The plan is to concentrate on what does best: software development. And with the highest quality standards. The means to this end is defined in the principles and practices of Clean Code Developments. becomes a Clean Code Company.


Values, culture and vision

Similar to a Scrum Retrospective, the company reflects on the past decade. The result of this reflection is the formulation of a corporate mission statement, which for the first time puts into words the values and culture of On this basis, the company develops a vision that defines where wants to be by 2021.


Full course for growth

The good economic situation is working in AG's favour, enabling the company to achieve growth rates of more than 20 % in some cases. The 75 employees targeted in Vision 2021 can be recruited by the end of 2019.


Growth despite Corona is also struggling with the corona pandemic, but the company is well prepared. Despite short-time work and lockdown, remains on a growth path.


New vision

After meeting most of the goals set for 2021, the company is planning the next five years. In addition to opening up new markets, wants to continue to grow.


New company headquarters

In mid-October, moves into its newly built headquarters in karlsruhe, bringing its two previous locations under one roof.


Partnership with littlecode and the software company littlecode from Croatia are combining their expertise. Find out more about the partnership here.

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