generic.de increases participation in Croatian software specialist littlecode to over 50%

Karlsruhe, Split, Zagreb, June 2024: The Karlsruhe-based IT service provider generic.de software technologies AG has increased its stake in the Croatian software company littlecode d.o.o. by a further 25% to a total of 50.4%. The aim is to expand business on the European market and continue to grow despite the lack of skilled labour.

Growth while maintaining quality

generic.de sees itself as a solution provider for individual software products. Under the motto "develop the right thing", the company supports its customers not only in development, but also increasingly in finding ideas and designing perfectly tailored software solutions. To meet these high quality standards, the right people are needed.

Software developers, in particular, have become a scarce commodity in times of skilled labour shortages in Germany. On the other hand, the company wants to grow further. Thanks to its increased participation in littlecode, generic.de is opening up a new labour market in Croatia. The goal: The company wants to continue to grow despite the shortage of skilled workers, but without compromising on software and service quality.

"Our experience with littlecode over the past few years has shown us one thing in particular: Croatian developers are in no way inferior to Germans when it comes to quality and conscientiousness,"

says Michael Puder, CEO of generic.de. At the same time, this partnership opens up a larger market for both companies and strengthens their position on the European market. "The continued investment in littlecode is a clear commitment to our shared vision of being at the forefront of individual software development in Europe," says Puder.

Clean code development as a common understanding of quality

High software and code quality has always been a trademark of generic.de AG. It is therefore no coincidence that they chose littlecode as their partner. Both companies share a common understanding of quality: Clean Code Development. This is based on a normative value system for software developers, which aims to develop high-quality and flexibly modifiable source code. Nikola Peric, CEO of littlecode:

“The increase in the shares of generic.de is a sign of confidence in the capabilities of our team and our previous cooperation. We both believe that high software quality is the decisive success factor for digital products. ”

Synergies, knowledge transfer and cultural fit

The two managing directors see other benefits of the deepened partnership in the increasing synergy effects and the intensified exchange of knowledge. This will enable the companies to pool their resources and the expertise of their specialist departments even more efficiently, creating a broad and sound knowledge base that will ultimately benefit customers. In addition, the partnership will further deepen cultural integration.

Michael Puder: "Our teams are now working together so seamlessly that the boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred - a clear advantage in projects that require a high level of coordination and joint commitment. "

About generic.de

generic.de software technologies AG is a founder-led IT service provider based in Karlsruhe. Since 1999, generic.de has been supporting its customers in digital, individual product development. Starting with conception and requirement definition, UX design, software development and implementation through the operation of individual software solutions. In order to ensure sustainable and long-term solutions, generic.de uses Clean Code Development.  

About littlecode

littlecode d.o.o. is a Croatian software development company with branches in Split and Zagreb. littlecode offers end-to-end services and innovative digital solutions for multinational companies based in Germany, Austria, the USA, Great Britain and France. Her expertise lies in technologies such as.NET, Azure, Angular, React, and Xamarin.

Alexander Weber
Head of Marketing

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